Garden Metal Hand Hoes and Pick

Garden Metal Hand Hoes and Pick

Head Material: Steel
Handle Material: Beech, Ash, Hickory And Other Wood
All Hoes Can Be Produced As Per Customer's Requirement...

Product Details

Product Description:

-Head Material: Steel  

-Handle Material: Beech, Ash, Hickory And Other Wood  

-It is a great design that's easy-to-use for home owners, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.

-Dual-purpose head is a special design, it will pick through hard pan soil and cuts through small shrub roots. 

-This tool enables users to tackle medium to heavy-duty cultivating jobs well without straining or expending a lot of energy. 

-The handle absorbs strike shock and vibration to reduce body fatigue, which are light and strong.

-Customer satisfaction and service quality are the basic criteria. 

-Good service is a result of flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness. We will fix any problem quickly and answer to your need every time.

-All hoes can be produced as per customer's requirement, and this hand tool is ideal for close cultivating, weeding and opening small bedding holes. Head is forged and tempered with a finely ground edge. 

-Used for remove stones & thin concrete, break hard soil and gravel, steel blade-chopping out roots, trenching through tough soils.