Galvanized Jiffy Joist Hanger

Galvanized Jiffy Joist Hanger

Size: 300Mm x 44Mm,300Mmx 75Mm,300Mmx 100Mm
Surface: Galvanized
Packing: 100Pcs/Carton

Product Details

Product Description:

--Designed with wide strap legs to enhance performance with increased nail spacing. Leg length can be adjusted by wrapping over to suit joist height. 

--It has remarkable strength without the need for a wide top flange. It also has the key advantage that any standard Speed Pro Masonry hanger can be transformed into a hook over from stock.

--A lightweight galvanised joist hanger providing a strong connection and quick and easy installation.

--No special tools or rivets required. Just inset the Lock Plate at 90 degrees, rotate and tap into place. Hangers can also be fixed to steel beams using appropriate fixings.

--The back plate of the hanger should lie flat against the vertical masonry support. The masonry flange should always be securely fixed or adequately embedded and should never be placed in dry slots.

--This Joist Hangers provide a quick and simple method of connecting timber to timber. They are used to support floor joists and trimmers of varying depths and the legs are fully adjustable for joists from 125mm to 225mm deep.

--Superior design requires fewer nails making installation quicker, greater load carrying capacities to other leading brands.

--The wider leg allows more surface area on the supporting timber and increased nail spacing, easy fixing of plaster board.

--Use all specified fasteners making sure not to stack heavy loads on joist during construction. 

Jiffy Joist Hanger



Size: 300Mm x 44Mm,300Mmx 75Mm,300Mmx 100Mm

Packing: 100Pcs/Carton


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