Customized Euro Wire Mesh Fence

- Jul 06, 2018-

Customized Euro wire mesh fence is welded by carbon steel Q195, it is kind of welded mesh. The difference between customized euro wire mesh fence and welded mesh is that it has V shape on longitude wires. V shape can be more beautiful and also it can take function to drain the rain.

Generally the inside wire of customized wire mesh is electro galvanized wire, and outside is coated by plastic powder. The most popular color is green, some customers require other color to differentiate with competitors.

Customized euro wire mesh fence is quite popular in European market, such as Denmark, Norway and other Scandinavia areas, also it is widely used in France, Germany, etc. It has beautiful looking and multi-function, so it is ideal decoration and protection product used for gardening, farming, parking lots, and other construction.

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