Green Powder Coated Welded Wire Mesh

- Aug 27, 2018-

Green powder coated welded wire mesh is main type of welded wire mesh. Firstly, all vertical and horizontal wires are all straight and welded to be full mesh. The most popular wires used are electro galvanized as both commercial aim and using life. Some customers would like to choose black wires without zinc coating to reduce cost, and some would like to choose hot dipped galvanized wires to extend using life.

After welding, the whole mesh needs to be coated by green (RAL6005) powder. Green color is most popular, and some customers would put their new ideas on other color, such as grey, black, blue, to test market and satisfy the needing of their customers.

The horizontal wires of green powder coated welded wire mesh can be produced to “V” shape, it looks more beautiful and has more function.

Green powder coated welded wire mesh is quite popular in global market, as it can be widely used in farming, gardening, household, stadium, parking lot, and other horticulture fields.