How to Survive in Current Competitive Market of Euro Wire Mesh Fence

- May 07, 2018-

Since the year of 2013, global market of Euro Wire Mesh Fence is more and more competitive. Our own cost of raw material and labor force has been increasing significantly in recent years, all of these points have shorted the prices gap between us and other suppliers from other countries.

I have been working on Euro Wire Mesh Fence products more than 12 years, and experienced the changes of markets. I am always thinking about how to survive in current market and still keep on going forward. Below are my own suggestion as reference for peers and customers.

-          Improve all of our machines and producing lines of Euro Wire Mesh Fence to reach current new environmental policy, guarantee the whole manufacturing as normal as possible.

-          Follow up the tendency of raw material prices, especially wire rod, zinc and coating powder. These three elements are the most important composition of Euro Wire Mesh Fence. We can stock more raw materials when prices are in low position.

-          Learn more from other advanced suppliers of Euro Wire Mesh Fence focus on auto-machines and producing line, try to reduce labor cost.

-          Strengthen the communication with customers, report material prices to customers regularly, assist customers to arrange purchasing plan of Euro Wire Mesh Fence at most competitive position of prices.

-          Try to produce more stock for main Euro Wire Mesh Fence customers, shorten the period of delivery time.

-          Follow up the tendency of raw material in global market, and also understand the updated news of suppliers from other countries.

We have to strengthen our own core competitiveness of Euro Wire Mesh Fence, keep on guaranteeing the stability of quality and competitive prices through the analysis of market. Upgrade our service after-sales and strengthen the communication with customers