Listen to Customers’ voice on Wheelbarrow

- May 18, 2018 -

Wheelbarrow is non-standard product, we are always thinking about how to talk with customers better and more efficiently on the details. As most time we have to quote the prices as per the some pictures sent by customers. So in order to do better, we need to know the main parts of wheelbarrow, market positioning and purpose of usage, then provide precise products to what customers really want.

The main parts of wheelbarrow are basin, frame and wheels. Basin has two most popular ones as one is metal, another is plastic. Metal basin can be galvanized or painting in different color. Plastic basin can be done in different color. The general capacity of metal basin is from 70liter to 120liter, the thickness of metal basin is from 0.6mm to 0.8mm. The general capacity of plastic basin is from 70liter to 300liter, thickness is from 4mm to 8mm.

Frame is made of round steel tube, and also can be produced to be assembly way as per customers’ requirement to reduce space. The general round tube sizes are 28mm x 1.1mm, 30mm x 1.2mm, 32mm x 1.2mm and 32mm x 1.5mm,etc. Frame can be galvanized or painting.

Wheels have three main options as pneumatic, puncture proof and solid. The most popular one is pneumatic and has 2pr and 4pr grade.

The other small parts of one complete wheelbarrow are wheels rim, connection bearing, grips, bolts & nuts, labeling, packing, etc.

Salesman has to be clear all the parts of wheelbarrow, then listen to customers’ voice on what one ideal wheelbarrow they want to get, then quote the most competitive price and supply wheelbarrow samples to customers for confirmation.